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13 Feb

Results of the international research TIMSS Advanced 2015 showed that Slovenian secondary school students achieved in mathematics (upper level) and physics the highest result among all countries. Slovenian students which attended the Matura exam in physics reached the highest average physics achievement among students from Russia, Norway, Portugal, Sweden, the USA, Lebanon, Italy and France.

Timss Advanced 2015 - Physics

The study also included students from our school, which reached the second place in the Slovenian scale! The research in physics involved 50 secondary schools from Slovenia (all schools which are statistically relevant for this type of research). The research involved six categories and was based on three physics contents: mechanics and thermodynamics, wave phenomena and atomic/nuclear physics and electricity and magnetism. The research involved also the analysis of the student’s capability of understanding facts and procedures, capability of using knowledge and capability of deduction. It is important to stress out that our students reached first place in four of the six categories. For a better idea, we give you some numbers:

  • TIMSS average500 points
  • Slovene average531 points
  • Our school obtained 619.29 points. The school that obtained first place gathered 621.88 points.

Results of our students:

Ranking of 50 schools Cattegory Avverage  achivement School ID
Overall 2nd place Physics 619,29 74
1st place mechanics and thermodynamics 640,69 74
1st place wave phenomena and atomic/nuclear physics 616,42 74
1st place electricity and magnetism 623,34 74
3rd place facts and procedures 602,31 74
2nd place use of knowledge 634,37 74
1st place deduction 617,97 74

By calculating the average value of points of the six categories, our school would have the best result in the country. By including all statistical parameters we find ourselves on the exceptional second place. For us it is a great accomplishment because we are a small local school struggling every year to get enough students in our programs. Nevertheless with our achievements we manage to be comparable to the best schools in Slovenia.

In the last seven years students from Sežana achieved exceptional results in physics and astronomy. They rank very high on the national level competitions. Their achievements are: silver and golden rewards at the national competitions, enrolments in international competitions, such as AYPT and IYPT, Olympiad in physics (IPhO), Olympiad in Astronomy (IOAA), …. Over the past six years the average score from our students at the national Matura exam in physics did not fall below 4.0 (out of 5), which is far above the national average score. The highest average score of our students at the Matura exam was 4.8, which is really extraordinary. At the Matura exam physics is an optional subject among many others. The quantity of our student that selects physics for their subject varies from 1/4 to 1/3 of the total population of students, which is a high percentage compared with other schools in Slovenia.

Dear students, we are proud of you, thank you for your trust!

Mentor, Uroš BorjančičDear students, we are proud of you, thank you for your trust!

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